Updating your family photos

Updating your family photos

Every time I visit my parents the memories come flooding back. Walking down the hall and into the living room there they are. Those permanent reminders. Those moments  in time.  The fun the laughter and the knowledge that you are part of a loving family unit with such pride, joy and admiration for those closest to their hearts that these images take pride of place for all to see….

Those are the feelings that I get when I see the family photographs hanging in my parent’s home. For that I am truly grateful.

This to me illustrates the true ‘Importance of Family Photography’ And to this day is the main reason I became a Family Photographer.

Not just for the memories the images bring, but for the closeness that a family can feel when having their special moments immortalised in a still picture. Studies have even shown that a child can have a feeling of safety when seeing a Family Photograph displayed in the home …

“I think it is really important to show a family as a family unit. It is so helpful for children to see themselves as a valued and important part of the family unit” David Krauss, licensed psychologist, Cleveland, Ohio.

All of the technology that we have today just makes it all too easy to take pictures. Everyone has a camera in their pocket. What this does is take away the intimacy from an image and it’s always a valuable member of the family that is taking the picture, so they are not in the photograph themselves!  The risk of losing those pictures is also high as they often get lost or forgotten in the memory card of the latest smart phone and shot into the ‘cloud’… Does anyone even know what the cloud is?? Even if you transfer the images onto your laptop or tablet, swiping through them just isn’t the same as holding an album and turning the pages.

‘Nothing can compare to seeing beautifully framed, professionally shot Family Photographs on display in the home’
Knowing that your family have done something special together as a unit to preserve those precious memories is priceless. Your children grow up so quickly. Can you afford not to capture these moments? The answer is clearly no because once you’ve missed it, it’s gone. You cannot get that time back again. These are moments that you, your partner, your children and your grandchildren will cherish for a lifetime…

This is why, when I walk into my parents home and I see all the beautifully framed professional Family Photographs, hanging with pride on the walls,  I feel loved.

Brisbane Lifestyle Photographer Kristy Ressel

Brisbane Lifestyle Photographer Kristy Ressel

This is a glimpse of a recent lifestyle session with a lovely family in North Brisbane.

Lifestyle photographs are taken in the comfort of the family home documenting every day real life moments.

When we come to your home we make use of the rooms that present with the most natural light, there is no need to clean your whole house from top to bottom we can concentrate on just a few rooms.

This series of photographs simply shows the love, warmth and security between mum and son. As a mum myself I know how time flies by… Isn’t it beautiful  to have memories like this to keep in your heart and on the walls?

I know that younger children can feel more comfortable in their own surroundings so what location could be better than in your own comfy home?
The best thing is about these sessions is there’s no posing, everything feels more relaxed and not like a photoshoot – not even to me!
With lifestyle sessions you have creative control over the portraits you want to capture.  Choose rooms and activities in your home where you feel comfortable and spend your most valued time together.

Some creative ideas could be cuddles on the bed, reading to your children, bath time, cooking, spending time with the family pet the ideas are endless.

The photographs from your lifestyle session can be used in a collage for a framed piece of wall art, or they are a great way to compile a memorable family photo album keepsake.

If you are looking for a photographer in Brisbane to capture you and your family in a creative natural setting lifestyle photography could be for you.

Take out the stress of getting ready and travelling to location and let me come to you!

Kristy Ressel Photography | Lifestyle Sessions | Brisbane | Gold Coast | Queensland


The importance of Mum’s in Photographs

With Mother’s day just around the corner I thought it was aptly timed to tackle the subject ‘The importance of Mum’s in family Photographs’

The #1 reason I hear from Mum’s about why they don’t want to be in portraits with their children, is because they want to lose some weight first.  Believe me, I get it!  After having two children myself and putting on almost 20kg with my first son, it makes me feel a little crazy when I see pictures of myself.

The important thing to remember is the people we love do not see us the way we see ourselves.

Unfortunately, we can be hard on ourselves but we can’t forget the importance of capturing those memorable moments for our children or grandchildren.

If we could only see ourselves the way our children, parents and partners do.  Have you ever looked at a photograph of your Mother when you were a child and thought to yourself….

‘Wow I love her, but she really should have waited to lose some weight before taking those pictures’

The answer, is most definitely NO!

I have found when clients book their sessions, often the Mum declines to have their photo taken. They’re not the weight they used to be, they feel tired, they’re not happy with how they look.

I have personally felt like this too, but I know how much I love the photos my parents have kept for me in an album to look back on.

I don’t see my mother in any other way other than perfect. I hope my children feel the same one day when they reflect and look back at this photo.

Make sure you remember to include yourselves in your family photos.

My move back to Brisbane Queensland

My move back to Brisbane Queensland

A little more about me…

As so many of us do after finishing high school, I moved out of home when I was 19. Having grown up on the idyllic Gold Coast I decided to make the move to Cairns. I couldn’t wait to wake in a different bed, walk unfamiliar streets and meet new faces – Cairns was good to me and it was where I got my start in television, but it wasn’t all that long before I got itchy feet and made the move south to Sydney to continue my television career.

Fast forward two years and I was on a jet plane to discover the world, landing in London where I cut my teeth in the fast paced newsrooms of the BBC, CNN and SKY. I loved every minute of working as an editor in London, though something was calling me back home…and I returned to Sydney in 2005 where I worked on a variety of high-rating television programs such as ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Biggest Loser’.

After the birth of my first son I decided to follow my passion and opened my photography business. It was a natural progression – from one lens to the next, though this time I traded newsreels and bachelors for babies and families…and I’ve never looked back!

Having lived in Sydney for 13 years my husband and I decided it was time to go back to our roots, be closer to family and raise our kids in a part of the world that has never left our hearts, Queensland.

One of the best things about working as a photographer is that I can take my lens anywhere, and just as I felt when I was 19, I can’t wait to meet some new faces, catch up with old ones and share the joys of Brisbane with my children. I read a great quote the other day that sums up my return home perfectly – “The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave and it feels even better to come back” – Wendy Wunder.

So for those of you in Brisbane looking for Family, Children or pet photography, I’m back in town with my roots firmly replanted and I’d love to meet you!

Professional Photographer Kristy Ressel

Professional Photographer Kristy Ressel

So How Much Do Photographs Cost?

Just because someone owns a camera doesn’t mean they know how to use it.
In the digital age, where anyone with an iPhone and a Facebook page can market himself or herself as a photographer, it is important to find a photographer that you can trust to capture your memories. After all, those precious moments disappear in a flash.
When considering a photographer, it is a good idea for you to find out about the photographer, their experience, reputation, and business policies.
Photographers’ prices tend to be based on an industry standard equivalent to their skill and experience.

Photography Techniques You May Not Know.
Good Professional photographers do a lot more than point and shoot, hoping to get a great image.
If you are looking for experts in the field of photography, they have the knowledge, expertise and equipment to produce high-quality images that produce creative, perfectly printed portraits.
General-use cameras continue to improve, and so does the equipment used by professionals.
If you want images to frame and put on your wall, quality albums or even digital files to do it all yourself, be aware that a professional-quality printing service can provide much better prints than those you might get at the local discount store.

Archival Photographs Or Digital Files?
Professional cameras produce images of much higher resolution than standard cameras, and professional lighting techniques, and understanding of light, can make the difference between a so-so image and an image that can “pop” off your wall.
Using more flattering angles and unique perspectives and settings, clearly separate “real” photographers apart from their amateur or part time counterparts.
Professional photographers use refined editing techniques to clear up imperfections and provide controlled contrast and colour balance.
Professional printing companies have the right equipment and correction services and supply a range of archival photography materials such as metallic and art papers, Italian canvas, acrylic, and more.
If your prints from a discount store fade over a short period of time, don’t be surprised, as only a professional photographer will supply you with your photographs on lifetime archival paper.

The Hidden Risk You Take
Good full time professional photographers have strong reputations, since what they do is both personal and creative, and image-based. Their work is easy to check out on their website or Facebook page, and look for a photographer that specialises in the particular genre that you want photographed.
Do your research to find a professional who works in the style you want for a price that you are willing to pay.

Set up a consultation appointment with those whose work seems to be what you like. Use this initial meeting to find out more about the photography experience, products and pricing.
When looking at the work, take note of the style and variety of images, and how that matches your personal preferences. Pay attention to poses, angles, lighting and other techniques.
Check a photographer’s Facebook reviews, references, and written testimonials.
Being a member of an organization like the Australian Institute of Professional Photography shows a level of commitment to grow a photography business and keep skills current.

The photographer is also bound by a set of professional rules of practice, a code of ethics, and adequate public liability insurance. The organization also certifies photographers, which involves submitting photos and reaching a certain high standard. It’s like the difference between being an
accountant and a CPA.

How To Get The Best From Your Photography Session
You will find that most part time inexperienced photographers offer very little customer service, and so will put your images on an online gallery for you to make your selections. Obviously when they do this you will be unable to ask them any relevant questions about the images like cropping, removing unwanted facial blemishes, making the images black and white etc.
Personal “one on one” purchasing sessions is the way that the better photographers will help, guide and advise you on getting the best from your images. Let’s face it, the only time that you can decide on what you want, is when you see the photographs that your photographer has taken.
So keep an open mind on how much you intend to spend. Most people tend to spend a lot more than they had anticipated once they see their photographs.

Most photographers charge a fee of around $95-$250 for the photography session, at their studio or at an outdoor location. Newborn sessions usually take a lot longer, so expect these fees to be higher.
Individual small print and digital file prices can vary from as little as $35 each for the part time hobbyist photographer to $195 and above for an experience award winning Master Photographer.
If you are looking for a photographer to produce stunning décor photographs for your wall to add that warm personal touch to your surroundings, choose a photographer who specialises in wall art, and shows examples on their website. Expect prices from $1,000 and upwards. It is common for some clients of the top photographers to spend upwards of $5,000 and more on photographs for their wall.
Purchasing wall art is like buying furniture for your home. Quality always comes at a higher price.

Connecting By Phone Is The Key
You should definitely shop around and find a photographer whose work you really like, rather than simply making your decision based on the cheapest price.
If you do go with a lower rate, make sure the photographer you hire has the skills and experience you are seeking and produces a reasonable quality of work.
There is a price to be paid for a good professional photographer, and as the old saying goes you almost always “get what you pay for”.
Beautiful lasting memories on your wall don’t happen by chance, they happen with an appointment.
Calling the photographer and having a 2 minute chat is the quickest way to have all of your questions answered, and to find out if they are the right “mix” to preserve your priceless memories.