Our in home Lifestyle Sessions in Brisbane are the perfect way to take the stress out of organising a photo shoot after your new baby is born.  Let us come to you in the comfort of your home.  With the use of natural light and documenting real life in a series photographs our sessions are relaxed and stress free.

The demands of a new baby in the family can be overwhelming, and in the amazing but tiring first few weeks of life when baby needs around the clock care, it can be easy to overlook the importance of recording this special time.

Rather than trying to schedule a time for formal photos with baby, it can be easier and more spontaneous to capture the everyday moments with your little one.

As parents, that is how we connect with young infants; the love we communicate through eye contact and touch when we are bathing, feeding or changing. These routine tasks present an opportunity to bond, and also present themselves as great photo opportunities.

It is wonderful if older siblings can participate in baby’s routine so their importance in the family unit is recognised, helping them through this time of great change.

I recently connected with a family in the south of Brisbane who welcomed their second child a few weeks ago. Their delightful 2 year old son loved helping mum bath his younger sibiling. We also recorded baby’s first week in his cot – he looked so happy, peaceful yet tiny in his new surrounds!

As new parents, we delight in seeing our new baby grow and develop. Realising that the tiny little bundle you bought home from hospital has grown in such a short space of time can make us wistful but it also makes us proud knowing they are reaching each developmental milestone.