Who doesn’t want precious photos of their own child? We all do. They are the cutest model you could ask for and available any time you want to shoot.

I’ve been taking pictures of my sons since they were born. They are not always my easiest subjects and it can sometimes take a lot to make them laugh or smile 🙂 But I do love doing photo shoots for my little ones knowing that one day it will be a very special gift that I will be giving them once they’re old enough to appreciate all my work and effort.

During the months of March and April I am adding F-U-N to my sessions!
Think styled shoots for kids and families.
It’s great to capture you and your family in our regular style of sessions, but we are thinking with CREATIVITY! Lets capture the creative side of you and your children!

Every young child has a performative side which only needs a little encouragement to surface! My styled shoots will be playful and fun and allow kids to be kids! Kids love to dress up, and with a little help from carefully chosen clothes and props, along with some great locations, your children will have an exciting afternoon helping to create their very own styled images.

Its a great way to document your child’s life journey and their playful younger years.
Wearing the right type of clothing for your session can have such an impact of how your photographs look. Styled sessions are a great way to capture timeless images for wall art and remain memories for years to come.

Think outside the box – colourful gumboots, hats, bowties, balloons, props, fairies! These are just some ideas and we have many more that we would like to shoot so if this sounds like you and your fun family please get in touch!