This family was long overdue for a photo shoot, their last professional photo shoot was when their teenage girls were toddlers! The shoot coincided with the couple’s 25th wedding anniversary, so there was a lot to celebrate.

In September we made it happen. The family chose Wellington Point, which is perched on the tip of a peninsula about 20 km south east of Brisbane. Bordered by water on both sides, Wellington Point is perfect for photo shoots. It’s also the ideal spot for showcasing the amazing sunsets that Brisbane has to offer.

We walked around, taking pictures first in the grassy knoll, then by the rocks and mangroves. As the afternoon wore on, I captured some beautiful shots on the beach as the the sun sunk low into the horizon. I just love silhouettes! Lastly onto the jetty at dusk for a full family shot (including their much loved Tenterfield Terrier “Spot”) as the sky revealed its beautiful pink light.

As a professional photographer, it’s great to have the privilege of sharing a family’s milestones.