With Mother’s day just around the corner I thought it was aptly timed to tackle the subject ‘The importance of Mum’s in family Photographs’

The #1 reason I hear from Mum’s about why they don’t want to be in portraits with their children, is because they want to lose some weight first.  Believe me, I get it!  After having two children myself and putting on almost 20kg with my first son, it makes me feel a little crazy when I see pictures of myself.

The important thing to remember is the people we love do not see us the way we see ourselves.

Unfortunately, we can be hard on ourselves but we can’t forget the importance of capturing those memorable moments for our children or grandchildren.

If we could only see ourselves the way our children, parents and partners do.  Have you ever looked at a photograph of your Mother when you were a child and thought to yourself….

‘Wow I love her, but she really should have waited to lose some weight before taking those pictures’

The answer, is most definitely NO!

I have found when clients book their sessions, often the Mum declines to have their photo taken. They’re not the weight they used to be, they feel tired, they’re not happy with how they look.

I have personally felt like this too, but I know how much I love the photos my parents have kept for me in an album to look back on.

I don’t see my mother in any other way other than perfect. I hope my children feel the same one day when they reflect and look back at this photo.

Make sure you remember to include yourselves in your family photos.