Over the last five years, the introduction of smartphones with in-built cameras has made the art of photography somewhat redundant. With the integration of various filters, wider lenses, manual controls, more megapixels and editing options, everyone with a smartphone has the ability to take photos

However, while some photographs taken on smartphones are fun, candid and well composed, nothing beats the lasting impact of a series of portraits captured by a professional photographer.


Professional photographers have practiced and developed the skill of capturing beautifully composed and breathtaking images. They take the time to set up camera shoots, they liaise with their clients at length to decide upon a setting and mood, they have access to studio environments as well as natural locations, and they patiently and carefully execute shots with their professional photographic equipment. More importantly, they’re able to take a large variety of shots to capture the natural essence of a subject.


While people who take photographs on their smartphones have access to various in-built technologies to take seemingly ‘high quality’ photos, professional photographers capture their subjects in a highly controlled, planned environment with state-of-the-art photographic equipment that no smartphone can ever replicate. Professional photographers also possess deep knowledge and skills to execute the perfect series of photographs. If you analyse a photo taken on a smartphone, and then compare the same subject captured by a professional photographer, you’ll instantly note the vast difference!


How many times have you taken hundreds – or thousands – of photos of family, friends and scenery, and uploaded them to your computer, or added them to a cloud? And then, how often have you simply not accessed them, or in short, just forgotten about their existence? The introduction of smartphones has made us even more ‘camera happy’ than ever, but they’ve also ensured the experience of taking photos, sharing them virally, and hiding them in the ‘storage’ of our computers or clouds has made photography so much more disposable. Since computers and phones are also prone to unexpected glitches and corruption, photos taken on smartphones are also prone to being erased!


Professional photographs are, by nature, carefully executed, and deserve to be treated as such. Printed on the highest quality paper, in a variety of formats, and hung in beautiful frames in your home, professional photos are memories that last a lifetime.

Kristy Ressel is a professional Brisbane photographer. If you’d like to discuss having a captivating series of portraits taken, please get in touch with Kristy.

Kristy is available to contact on email at info@kristyresselphotography.com
or on 0415 640 607