Every time I visit my parents the memories come flooding back. Walking down the hall and into the living room there they are. Those permanent reminders. Those moments  in time.  The fun the laughter and the knowledge that you are part of a loving family unit with such pride, joy and admiration for those closest to their hearts that these images take pride of place for all to see….

Those are the feelings that I get when I see the family photographs hanging in my parent’s home. For that I am truly grateful.

This to me illustrates the true ‘Importance of Family Photography’ And to this day is the main reason I became a Family Photographer.

Not just for the memories the images bring, but for the closeness that a family can feel when having their special moments immortalised in a still picture. Studies have even shown that a child can have a feeling of safety when seeing a Family Photograph displayed in the home …

“I think it is really important to show a family as a family unit. It is so helpful for children to see themselves as a valued and important part of the family unit” David Krauss, licensed psychologist, Cleveland, Ohio.

All of the technology that we have today just makes it all too easy to take pictures. Everyone has a camera in their pocket. What this does is take away the intimacy from an image and it’s always a valuable member of the family that is taking the picture, so they are not in the photograph themselves!  The risk of losing those pictures is also high as they often get lost or forgotten in the memory card of the latest smart phone and shot into the ‘cloud’… Does anyone even know what the cloud is?? Even if you transfer the images onto your laptop or tablet, swiping through them just isn’t the same as holding an album and turning the pages.

‘Nothing can compare to seeing beautifully framed, professionally shot Family Photographs on display in the home’
Knowing that your family have done something special together as a unit to preserve those precious memories is priceless. Your children grow up so quickly. Can you afford not to capture these moments? The answer is clearly no because once you’ve missed it, it’s gone. You cannot get that time back again. These are moments that you, your partner, your children and your grandchildren will cherish for a lifetime…

This is why, when I walk into my parents home and I see all the beautifully framed professional Family Photographs, hanging with pride on the walls,  I feel loved.