So you’ve just had your family photo session with Kristy Ressel Photography in Brisbane.  Kristy has arranged to see you in a week after editing. What takes place in that week of ‘post production’?

Photography is essentially about light. Whether it sets the mood, creates depth, or highlights a subject, the light that surrounds you and how a photographer responds to it can make the difference between an average and great photo. During the editing process the photographer examines and may alter the contrast, the shadows and highlights, where details are often hidden.

Depth of focus and colour can really make an image “pop”. A great photographer will look at the best elements in a photo and aim to enhance, and highlight these areas.

Buildings, wires, shadows, cranes, aeroplanes, a stray bird – if they’re not the prime focus of your photo, they are an unwanted distraction and need to be removed! They’re some of the reasons why photographers will crop or spot correct during the editing process. A busy background can detract from the subject, whereas a clean background draws attention to the focal point.

Let’s not forget that photographers are artists, so they bring through their own personal style and expression into an image. They will edit to create the vision they have for your photographs.

A great photograph not only requires thought and preparation, but an understanding of the photographic process, and how light and composition affect a photo. There is a lot more to a professional photograph than the everyday images we all capture on smart phones, and much of this difference takes place in the editing process. An edited photograph is a professionally finished product, and one which you’ll be proud to display in your home.

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